Las Vegas Master Class Series (LVMCS) invites world-renowned pedagogues and musicians to work with students in the Las Vegas area in a public setting so that anyone from all backgrounds may come watch and learn to appreciate the intricacies of interpretation in classical music.

Each master class is paired with a solo recital given by the guest artist, and between the two events is a light reception. As a highlight of the evening, one exceptional student will be invited personally by the guest artist to open their recital!



No matter who you are, there will be something noteworthy and valuable to take home with you.

For the students receiving the master class — It is so important to receive insight from a professional musician other than from your primary teacher. Because interpreting music is so subjective, it is crucial to understand that learning a piece one way does not mean that it is the only way to play it. Receiving feedback from one of the guest artists will be an eye-opening experience and will teach you to hone your artistry more independently.

For the audience members — Whether you are familiar with classical music or not, it is the perfect opportunity to begin understanding why we find classical music to be so special. What makes a piece of music sound good to our ears? How do performers overcome technical, musical, and psychological trials? These are some of the many questions that will be addressed and answered at the master classes.

For the first-time master class guest artists — Some of the best musical advice I have received growing up were from my own peers, or peers only slightly older than me. Seeing their raw talent and energy made me realize how awesome it would be to bring that over to Las Vegas for the rest of the community to experience. Currently, to my knowledge, there is no other official program out there where emerging professionals can begin honing the art of teaching master classes at their current stage of their life. LVMCS seeks to provide them with this special opportunity to kickstart a new part of their musical career.